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Our services

In 1995, Paul Tjia founded GPI Consultancy, a Dutch consultancy firm in the field of offshore sourcing (both ICT and Business Process Outsourcing). We work for clients in the Netherlands and abroad. Related to foreign organizations, our services include:


Supporting the ICT/BPO-export sector 
We assist organizations from developing countries in the field of Private Sector Development. GPI Consultancy was involved  in export promotion projects initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CBI, Center for the promotion of imports from Developing Countries), HIVOS, ITC (International Trade Centre, Geneva), European Union, GTZ, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, government organizations, trade promotion organizations and ICT associations. 

Examples of countries involved: Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka, North Korea and Palestine. The objectives of these projects included: 

  • Mapping activities; assessing strengths and weaknesses of the local ICT/BPO-sector (mainly SME-companies in the private sector)
  • Company analysis through an export audit, on site technical assistance and distant coaching
  • Assisting ICT- and BPO-providers in developing countries in order to build and improve marketable capabilities, services and European market knowledge. 
  • Provide knowledge transfer and business information on offshore outsourcing (training, information on markets, marketing, technology trends, processes, project management, competition). We also compiled the online training Cross-Border IT and ITES Outsourcing for the ITC Trade Academy of the International Trade Centre, Geneva.
  • Identify and benchmark services providers in developing countries and introduce them on the European market
  • Provide matchmaking and promotion opportunities (e.g. publications, seminars, mission, B2B-meetings).

Our services also include the organizaiton of ICT/BPO-missions on a regular basis, and to various offshore destinations. The goal of these missions is to give the European participants detailed information about offshoring, and especially about the opportunities in a certain country (e.g. India, Nepal, China, Palestine, Bangladesh, Surinam, Malta and Kenya). Examples of matchmaking and promotional activities, organized by us for a Dutch audience: 


Linking the Dutch ICT-sector with the Middle East and Gulf region
The Dutch ICT sector has not yet discovered the potential of export markets in the Middle East and the Gulf region. We have started a project designed to promote Dutch ICT exports to this region. Accessing these new markets and organizing  ICT business trips to Dubai are part of this project. Our Palestinian contacts offer services related to localisation (e.g. translating the software into the Arabic language). They can also assist in market research and marketing and sales, since they already belong to networks in the region.