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News of GPI Consultancy

Since the year 2000, GPI Consultancy organizes full-day and half-day seminars on offshore sourcing and offshore outsourcing. We also organize offshore ICT/BPO-missions on a regular basis, and to various countries. 

Study tour to North Korea (19-28 May 2019)

Are you interested in learning about the political and economic developments in North Korea? Exploring business opportunities? Then you are welcome to join our upcoming study tour from 19-28 May. The program has a general character and includes various visits in Pyongyang. We will also travel south to Kaesong and the DeMilitarized Zone at Panmunjom. During the tour, there will be options for formal and informal discussions with Koreans. For an overview, see the program. There will also be a separate press mission in April (for journalists only).

Business and Investment Opportunities in Palestine (The Hague, 28 June 2018)

Offshore ICT outsourcing to Palestine (both Westbank and Gaza) will be one of the topics of the seminar “Business and Investment Opportunities in Palestine”. For this occasion, the CEO of the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA), the Minister’s Advisor of the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy and the Chairman of the Dutch-Palestinian Joint Business Council will travel to the Netherlands. Representatives from the Dutch private sector and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will share their thoughts and experience. The event will will be co-hosted by the Netherlands-Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Business Council and the Palestinian Mission to the Netherlands; see the program.

ICT outsourcing to Eastern Africa (The Hague, 25 May 2018)
Are you interested in
exploring Eastern Africa for ICT Outsourcing? Companies from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sudan and Uganda will visit the Netherlands. Offshore ICT outsourcing is one of the 5 topics at the East Africa Business Dialogue on 25 May in The Hague, organized by Dutch RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland).

ICT- and BPO-mission to North Korea  (17 - 25 September 2018)
In the field of ICT, North Korea offers opportunities for collaboration in several areas, such as software development, production of computer games, mobile games, animation and cartoons, websites, data entry and digitization. Having access to a pool of highly technically skilled labor is a key rationale behind outsourcing to North Korea, and where the rates are low. This type of business cooperation is not subject to UN or EU sanctions. In order to provide information about these ICT-related opportunities, a unique study tour will take place in the autumn of 2018. It will have a rather general and broad character, since it will also cover political, economic and touristic topics. See an 
example program.

Study tour to North Korea  (10-19 April 2018)
Are you interested in learning about the political and economic developments in North Korea? Exploring business opportunities? Then you are welcome to join our upcoming study tour from 10 - 19 April. The program has a general character and includes various visits in Pyongyang. During this period, we can witness the birth anniversary of Kim Il-sung on 15 April, and attend some cultural events, such as the Spring Friendship Art Festival. We will also travel south to Kaesong and the DeMilitarized Zone at Panmunjom. During the tour, there will be options for formal and informal discussions with Koreans. For an overview, see the draft program. There will also be a separate press mission in April (for journalists only). 

How can we combine agile with outsourcing to other countries? (Jakarta, Indonesia, 20 March 2018)
Paul Tjia, founder of GPI Consultancy, will give a presentation to the Scrum user group Jakarta. He will talk about the latest developments in the field of offshore sourcing. Various Asian outsourcing destinations will be discussed, including India and Indonesia. Also perspectives on distributed agile will be shared: how can we run 'agile', when (part of) our team is remote" See: How can we combine agile with outsourcing (to other countries)? 

ICT & BPO-mission to Palestine (Ramallah, 10 - 14 December 2017)
Palestine is a relatively unknown, but attractive outsourcing destination. Several American and European organizations are already developing software in Palestine, where labor costs are lower. There are hardly any cultural differences, and a specific advantage is the loyalty within the ICT companies, resulting in a low turnover of staff. This makes outsourcing easier, also for small and medium sized clients. A number of foreign relationships with Palestinian firms started because of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, since outsourcing creates jobs in a region with high unemployment. A personal visit to Palestine is the best way to gain information about  offshore outsourcing, and you are welcome to take part in our upcoming ICT and BPO-mission to Ramallah, from 10 - 14 December. The trip will take place during the 14th ExpoTech, the annual Palestinian ICT conference & exhibition. A visit to smart-city Rawabi is also possible. There a no registration costs related to this mission. For a number of participants (in case of potential outsourcing clients), accommodation at the Ceasar Hotel in Ramallah will be free of charge. An entrance ticket for the conference, gala dinner and exhibition will be included as well. In addition, meetings with potential business partners in order to discuss options for cooperation will be arranged. See the general
program for an overview of the mission.

GPI Consultancy will represent Unit One in the Netherlands
Over the last decade, the ICT sector in Palestine has shown continuous growth in products and services. Palestine is also an upcoming outsourcing destination, and some companies work solely for foreign clients. For European users, it has the nearshore advantages: no time differences, a relatively short distance and very limited cultural differences. It is also a gateway to the interesting ICT-markets in the Gulfregion.

As from July 2017, GPI Consultancy will represent Palestinian services provider Unit One in the Netherlands. GPI Consultancy, established in 1995, is an independent Dutch consultancy firm in the field on offshore sourcing. Unit One, founded in 2005, offers a range of ICT services, including software development, e-commerce, Business Process Outsourcing and branding and identity development. Unit One is providing its services by utilizing the skills of more than 180 qualified and innovative employees and experts who are specialized in different ICT fields. Because of their work for foreign clients, they received the 'Exporter of the Year Award for ICT services' in 2015. Paul Tjia, founder of GPI Consultancy, states: "I have visited this firm several times, and they are already successfully working for Dutch clients for a number of years. I look forward in connecting more Dutch companies with Unit One". See the profile of Unit One for details.

ITC launches Expression Of Interest for Sri Lankan ITO and BPO companies
The International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva is launching a call for Expression Of Interest for Sri Lankan enterprises in the Information Technology Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing (ITO & BPO) sectors interested in participating in training on export marketing under the EU – Sri Lanka Trade-Related Assistance project.

The project, funded by the European Union (EU) and being implemented in collaboration with the government of Sri Lanka, aims to increase the trade competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in regional and EU markets. The ITO & BPO sectors are among the priority sectors identified for the project.

Selected SMEs will participate in capacity building training with a view to develop and implement their export marketing plans. All Sri Lankan ITO & BPO SMEs are eligible. The deadline is 15 April 2017; for information, see the call for Expression Of Interest.

New training for ICT companies: “How to market your outsourcing services successfully to European clients?”
The interest for ICT outsourcing is still growing in Western Europe. However, for ICT services providers, finding clients is not easy. Many marketing efforts are required to gain entry into a foreign market. In addition, there is a lot of competition from a lot of countries. And for young or start-up ICT companies, growth in export is even more difficult.
For this reason, companies need to take a long term vision and a strategy, while preparing a sound export marketing plan. These are the topics to be covered in our new three-day training program. The purpose of this training is to support especially young companies and start-up firms by transferring knowledge about strategy and marketing for outsourcing, so that they can successfully market and sell their services to European clients.

The training will not only give a broad overview about export-related topics; the participating companies will also work on their individual Export Marketing Plans. This will be done via a program consisting of a two-day training (Module 1), to be followed by a one-day training (Module 2) at a later period. See the program of our export training on outsourcing for an overview.

Business mission to North Korea (14 - 20 May 2017) 
For companies interested in working with North Korea, one of the immediate challenges is finding a suitable business partner. The local enterprises mostly do not have a presence on the Internet, and access to them is not easy. The solution: join our business mission! Our first mission, led by Paul Tjia, took place in 2006. On a regular basis, we organize general trade & investment missions in order to explore new business and investment opportunities. These tours are open for participants from all European countries, from various business sectors. 

Our previous economic missions to Pyongyang were informative and successful. The participants found the program, with general and tailor made business meetings and company visits, interesting and well-varied. In addition, there were opportunities for informal meetings. Before the start of the tour, in Beijing, we can take part in the seminar: 'Doing business with DPRK'. This event will also be open for external participants. After the trip to North Korea, we will return to Beijing, where you can extend your stay in China.

Members of our business delegation will be able to discuss trade opportunities in several areas, including light industry (e.g. textiles, garments), agribusiness, animation and Information Technology. We will also receive information about investment opportunities in a number of sectors, and several projects will be offered. Taking part in a general business mission is a very informative way to get a first glance of business opportunities in North Korea and to meet new potential business partners. Participation is also useful for those Europeans already trading with DPRK, since it gives them an easy option to increase the number of Korean business partners. Curious about trade and investment options in North Korea? Join our mission to DPRK! Our upcoming trade mission takes place from 14 - 20 May 2017.