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New: online training Globally Distributed Software Engineering  

Offshore sourcing is complicated and must be prepared well. For this reason, the Dutch Technical University Delft developed an unique online training, titled ‘Globally Distributed Software Engineering’. All lectures are given in the English language.  

This course GSE101x, Globally Distributed Software Engineering, or abbreviated GDSE is about a variety of issues that characterize working with globally distributed teams that develop and maintain software solutions. Think of things like cultural differences, the effect of distance and time differences, leadership and decision-making in a distributed context, new ways of working such as agile (Scrum), and how software engineers works in distributed teams.

The first course started on 24 October 2017 and was conducted by a professor of the TU Delft and 13 guest lectureres, including Paul Tjia from GPI Consultancy. This MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) deals with topics such as Collaborating Across Borders and Time, Lean and Agile, Distributed Scrum, Continuous Delivery, Trends in Country Selection, Offshore Experiences, Dealing with Cultural Differences, Consolidation and Diversification.

Students that follow this course should have prior knowledge of how software is developed, although technical knowledge or programming skills are not required. Our aims are to show how practitioners in industry deal with globally distributed software engineering, how decision-makers lead their teams in such a context, and what is the state of the art in GDSE research. And driven by a drive to share the common knowledge on GDSE within students that follow this course, an important objective of the course is to complement the body of knowledge of GDSE with new or improved artifacts.

Registration for this online course is free of charge. The training will be repeated on an annual basis. 

Training: “How to market your ICT & BPO-services to European clients?”

The interest for offshore outsourcing is growing in Western Europe, and India has already become a well-known destination. However, for most service providers, finding foreign clients is not easy. Many marketing and sales efforts are required to gain entry into a new market. In addition, there is a lot of competition – not only from India, but from a lot of other countries as well. And for young or small firms, growth in export is even more difficult.
For this reason, companies need to take a long term vision and a strategy, while preparing a sound export marketing plan. These are the topics to be covered in our new training program. The purpose of this training is to support especially young and small firms by transferring knowledge about strategy and marketing for outsourcing, so that they can successfully market and sell their services to European clients.
This 1-day or 2-day training could be offered to the members of a local ICT-association or a Chamber of Commerce. The program of the export training is available.

(Nederlands) De offshore landenselectie - ontwikkelingen in offshore bestemmingen (2) - Paul Tjia

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Export training offshore outsourcing

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